Google Removal Request


Så jeg rotet rundt på internett og kom over en mail jeg er nødt til å vise dere!
Dette er en mail fra en fyr i et firma, til en annen fyr i et annet firma. 
Jeg må si, jeg fikk meg en god latter når jeg leste denne mailen.

Her er bildet av mailen
Her er bildet av mailen

Subject: Google Removal Request


My name is ***** and I run *****. I am into this niche business for over 2 year now and we have optimized our site well to rank for the keyword *****. *****. ***** in Google until yesterday I saw that your site ***** is ranking higher than us for that keyword.

But infact what i see is that your site is useless and doesn’t have anything related to the keyword *****

Can you please remove your site from Google, so that our site may go higher. Please understand this is our main business and we cannot afford to be there so the best thing will be that, you please remove your site from Google.

If you don’t agree to remove your site from Google for this keyword, we may go upto any extent and may sue you for this. Please don’t force us to do so.